Open Positions


The Kitamura laboratory at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine is looking for postdoctoral researchers interested in development and applications of small molecule chemical probes and therapeutics. We employ a multidisciplinary approach to target emerging infectious pathogens, cancer, microbiome and metabolic diseases. The successful applicant will have deep knowledge of, and strong technical skills and a proven track record in the following area:

Synthetic or medicinal chemistry, chemical biology:

Synthetic organic chemistry, compound purification, and structural characterization, with profound literature search skills, the ability to design and improve synthetic routes and molecules to develop chemical probes and drug candidates and deliver compound for biological testing in timely manner. The ability to purify and characterize intermediates and products by chromatography, NMR and mass spectrometry is essential. Applicants must work with biologists in collaborative manner.

Please submit a CV, list of publications, description of research interests, and three reference letters to